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 The Emily Spindle  


The Emily spindles are the premier group of handspindles from Adamís Woodshop . The spindles are assembled before turning, creating an extremely well-balanced spindle. The spindles are crafted out of a very wide variety of domestic and exotic lumber. The Emily spindle also is available with laminated whorls for added variety.

The Emily is approximately nine (9) inches long and has a two and three quarter (2 3/4) inch wide whorl. Because of differing wood densities the weight varies from 24 to 44 grams.

The top whorl Emily has two grooves on the side of the whorl, one on each side of the hook. The shaft has seven petite grooves that add to the overall beauty and still allows for the removal of the cop, should you so desire.

The hook is a Shepherd's hook design that is crafted in-house out of spring tempered stainless steel.

The shaft is constructed out of a variety of hardwoods including Cherry, Maple, Walnut and, occasionally, others.

Woods used for the whorls depend upon available woods and can change often. Woods used can include Bocote, Putumuju, Redheart, Bubinga, Cocobolo, Rosewood, Purple heart, Birds Eye Maple, Osage Orange, Myrtle, Figured Maple and Paduk. This list is only a sample of the woods I use. The actual supply I have on hand varies greatly.

Laminated whorl spindles have a whorl constructed out of two separate woods that are glued together before the spindles are turned.

Care is taken to assure that combination of woods used for shafts and whorls are such that they complement each other. Likewise is done with the laminated whorl spindles.

Suggested retail:    Top Whorl Solid Whorl  $36.00
                             Top Whorl Laminated Whorl  $40.00

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Last Updated 12/08/2009