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 The Basic Spindles 

Adamís woodshop Basic Spindle is a well constructed entry level spindle that is well suited for beginner and experienced alike. It is available with either Cherry or Walnut whorls. The whorl is two and three quarters (2 3/4) inches in diameter and overall length is nine inches. The weight is around two (2) ounces and varies slightly between wood varieties.

The Basic Bottom Whorl Spindle is different from her sister the Basic Top Whorl Spindle only in whorl placement. Also, the top whorl spindle has a pair of yarn grooves on the side of the whorl placed at each side of the hook.

The hook is a Shepherd's hook design that is crafted in-house out of spring tempered stainless steel.

Suggested retail: Bottom Whorl $17.00 and Top Whorl $21.00

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Last Updated 12/08/2009